Make Sense

Breen's second single is a sultry track that I just can't get enough of. It has a lot of R&B influences and reminds me of Shy Girls, a band that we've covered previously on The Peel. Give it a listen below.

Salt Ashes
If You Let Me Go

Here's a fun pop tune for your Friday night. Viega Sanchez, aka Salt Ashes has crafted one of the craftiest tracks I've heard in a while. If you know me, I'm a sucker for anything even remotely resembling 80s pop music. This hits the nail on the head.

Something Had to Give

Get on the bandwagon for COMPNY early, these guys are on their way. Their second single, 'Something Had to Give' is much more subdued than their first track, 'Begging Me to Come Back'. Think Volcano Choir rather than Dan Croll. Both tracks are excellent, so I urge you to check them both out. I'm excited to see what direction they go from here.

The Chase

What a pleasant surprise! SOHN has decided to release a non-album track today, most likely something that simply didn't fit on his album Tremors. If you haven't jumped on board the SOHN train yet, really, what are you waiting for?


Today brings you some beautiful R&B from Nick Hakim -- think a less dramatic Sam Smith, with a bit more jazz. Dude released an EP titled 'Where Will We Go Pt. 1" about a month ago, and has more recently dropped the fantastically minimal tune, 'Lift Me Up.' Worth a listen.


There's something unusual I dig about Gosh Pith's 'Waves.' Maybe it's the fact that the beat, or really most parts of the track don't traditionally blend together. I'm not saying it's incredibly original, I'm just saying there are an odd amount of styles that oddly fit together, in a great way.

Surf punk vocals, R&B backing harmonies (an Usher sample), trippy delays, heavy animal collective-sounding beats. It's really a pleasant formula.

Only Real
Pass the Pain

Only Real is Nall Galvin's act from the UK. I haven't been able to turn his new track, 'Pass the Pain' off in the past few days. Folks who are into Noah and the Whale, Yellow Ostrich and JAWS are going to want to give this one a spin.


Every time I find a Philly band, I say "Why isn't there more music from Philly?" Maybe I need to look harder.

Regardless, LOUDS is a bright example of electro-pop coming out of Philadelphia. Plus, it only gets cooler knowing the band consists of 2 brothers (Charlie & Petie) and their little sister (Annie). Take a listen to 'Ways' below, a catchy tune about an on-and-off again girlfriend of Charlie's. They've managed to capture a really nice tracking of the vocals, almost tinny and old-school. Look forward to hearing more from them.

Shadow Flash

In advance of her debut album, No Romeo, UK artist Indiana has dropped 'Shadow Flash' to hold us over until October 31st. If you're digging this song, it would be wise to check out her first single, 'Bound' along with a stellar cover of Frank Ocean's 'Swim Good'.


Slowly pulling you in with a downwardly-spiraling piano, Sea Oleena manages to unfold a beautiful and haunting tune. Let the bass tip-toe through the track and you'll find yourself in a gorgeous underwater wave of a breakdown. Yet another great track from the dreamy musician -- be sure to catch more of her catalog over at her bandcamp . And new album details over at Lefse .

ICYMI: 'Milk' .