Shadow Flash

In advance of her debut album, No Romeo, UK artist Indiana has dropped 'Shadow Flash' to hold us over until October 31st. If you're digging this song, it would be wise to check out her first single, 'Bound' along with a stellar cover of Frank Ocean's 'Swim Good'.


Slowly pulling you in with a downwardly-spiraling piano, Sea Oleena manages to unfold a beautiful and haunting tune. Let the bass tip-toe through the track and you'll find yourself in a gorgeous underwater wave of a breakdown. Yet another great track from the dreamy musician -- be sure to catch more of her catalog over at her bandcamp . And new album details over at Lefse .

ICYMI: 'Milk' .

She Keeps Bees
Owl (Ft. Sharon Van Etten)

Did you overlook this track last week? No need to fear, I did too. Luckily, I happened to stumble back upon it, and since then I've listened about 30 more times (yeah that's an exaggeration, but honestly it's not too far off). Fans of The National, Feist, or Clare Maguire especially, take note!


UK duo Seafret really impressed me with their first single 'Give Me Something', but their latest single, 'Explosion' (*Ahem*) blew me away. (sorry) It's extremely powerful stuff, and they bring a big sound for just playing acoustic tunes. If you haven't heard them yet, you can take a listen to both singles below. Both songs will be on their debut EP, Give Me Soemthing, out on September 21 via Sweet Jane Recordings.

Ryn Weaver
Promises EP

Clearly capitalizing on the recent internet buzz from her deliciously poppy track 'Octahate', Ryn Weaver is wasting no time at all in getting out her first EP. 'Promises' has me wishing that Ryn came out with this in May. To think, I could have been jamming to this all summer. The EP was produced by Michael Angelakos of Passion Pit, which probably has something to do with how catchy these tracks are.

Team Me
The All Time High

Team Me, or as I like to call them, the Scandanavian Passion Pit, are out with a new single. About time, I mean, Summer is nearly over, I needed a song like this. Where have you guys been!? 'The All Time High' is actually the B-side to their single 'Blind as Night', but I think it's the stronger of the two tracks. My favorite spot on the web for Nordic musical happenings, JA JA JA has an excellent interview with the band that you can check here. You can listen to both tracks below.

Every Other Freckle

I will listen to as many singles from this upcoming album as Alt-J is willing to share with us. All of them have been exceptional so far, even the out-of-the-norm, 'Left Hand Free'. 'Every Other Freckle' is the Alt-J that we, more or less, expect. Looking forward to more of this.


Welcome a healthy mix of uplifting melancholy to your day with ATTU , a 4-piece from London. Check their 2 tracks below, including the surprisingly explosive 'We Are Ordinary People' and the dreamy 'Don't Sleep.' They've got an EP coming out on Beatnik soon, so stay tuned for more.


JAWS have been favorites of ours for some time, (If you want, you can read our interview with the band). On the brink of their first LP, they've released what is likely the last single until it's unveiling. If you like Peace or Swim Deep, these Birmingham compatriots are right up the same alley.

Pre-order their album, 'Be Slowly', out on September 15

Josef Salvat
Shoot and Run

We've covered Josef's work before, (A whole year ago, ugh!) when we posted his phenomenal track "This Life". Fans of bands with grand vocals, and pounding drum lines will enjoy this new track, think Bastille or Clare Maguire, with a little more oomph. Salvat's "In Your Prime EP" is out on September 7th.