They've been around for a little while, but ever since their performance at SXSW, those in the know have been buzzing about Wardell. Their sound is a folksy-dreampop of sorts, with oohs and aahs and a beach-house-esque guitar/vocal combo. The track, 'Opossum' really blooms toward the end and that's when you start to really see the potential of the duo. Sasha Spielberg's vocals reach an almost Neko Case level of power and confidence that really shine on the track. You'll probably read that Sasha along with her brother Theo are the son and daughter of Steven Spielberg, but don't let that fact make you overlook the obvious talent and musicianship going on in this track, believe it or not that's the least interesting thing about these two. We're really looking forward to hearing what they do next.