'...the songs make you think of firewood crackling somewhere deep in a forest clearing, damp leaves and butterflies, soft forest foliage underfoot and shimmering light filtering through treetops overhead.' These words come directly from James Parker and Hugh Rodgers, as does the music of A Dark Horse (Facebook // Twitter). Originating in Dublin, the guys set out to create songs, videos and artwork under their own limitations (or lack thereof). The result so far is a beautifully self-produced, self-titled debut EP layered with soft banjos, cellos, pianos, guitars, organs, percussion and an accordion. It's delicate folk and perfect to cozy up to. More after the tracks (plus video).

Joined by various friends on an array of instruments, Parker and Rodgers produce a simple yet lush journey with the EP. Not sure if cinematic captures the visuals their music does, but listening to the EP can almost paint the picture of the gorgeous scenery of Dublin, or even make you nostalgic of a familiar wooded area. The songs are structured in crescendo lulls like mountain tops, flow seamlessly together like running rivers, and are as fresh as a luscious, green pasture. The music holds true to their goal of telling stories 'about walking your own path, recalling childhood freedom and endless summer days.' It's whispered music with yelling beauty. 

Head to their bandcamp and name your price for the EP.